YUG restaurant

Odesa, Ukraine

Development of the concept. Design. Creation of an identity and illustrations. Development of the USP based on the analysis of the market of competitors.

Tree branches hung with ripe fruits and green leaves… The sun’s rays are sparkling, and in the freshness of the sea breeze the motley aromas of food are mixed with joyful ease.

That’s how we imagine the southern countries and that’s how the restaurant YUG located at the Black Sea coast of sunny Odessa looks like to our guests.
YUG absorbed a special character of Odessa region that like the whole southern coast of Europe is woven of the sun, variety of gastronomic cultures of different peoples and the spirit of cordial hospitality. That’s why in YUG you will find the best recipes of warm countries with their local products.
The gifts of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, the juicy meats of Georgia and the traditions of the Balkans, the bright flavors of Greece and the best flavors of Italy and the South of France are gathered here and reinterpreted in the taste of YUG.

YUG is a restaurant, which atmosphere is like a country villa on the southern coast, where everything is filled with sun, aromas of fresh food and the joy of meetings.
This mood is accentuated by dishes from southern countries and panoramic views of the sea.


YUG restaurant is inspired by the warmth and hospitality of sunny countries: inspired by the juicy tastes and bright colors of travels in the south.

That’s why everything in the restaurant is filled with light mood, kindness, aroma of fresh bread and intoxicating sea air. Many of the products are cooked directly in the restaurant, so they also absorb love and atmosphere.

Here it is great to meet and relax with friends, loved ones, relatives and colleagues. Here one wants to admire the beauty of the sea waves over a meal and a glass of wine; to willingly share stories and emotions; to treat oneself to all that the wealth of southern cooking has to offer.

YUG is a place where you want to be happy, feel warm and share.

When you come to YUG, you find yourself surrounded by people who have been soaking up the sun since you were a child. A unique place where everyone can feel as if they’re on vacation.
And just like birds return to the south, YUG restaurant will be the place you’ll want to come back to.


Creative Director: Demi Fomchenkoff
Designer: Stas Kusto
Copywriter: Victoria Lember
Chef: Eugene Kastromitsky
Interior: BOOM project

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