Gudies agency does not create logos, but develops holistic concepts of successful business concepts designed for market recognition and allowing you to work with the guest through various communication channels.

We see the concept holistically and in every detail at the same time. This can be rebranding an existing project or creating a new one. We scale the concept up to the interior together with architects, not limited to to the logo, print layouts, and brand book.

We deal exclusively with communication design, having thoroughly studied not only the production of layouts, but also the behavioral habits of the guest, making the design convenient. With the help of identity elements, we convey the storytelling concepts that the brand conveys, combining online and offline projects.

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Our skills:


Key Message

A key message of several sentences that the chosen consumer must hear, understand and remember. They combine all channels of communication into a comprehensive promotion strategy and clarify its meaning.

Key Visual

A key advertising image used to communicate with the consumer. Visual stylistics and graphic elements that apply to all media as part of the task. From the business card of a top manager to a billboard in the city center – your brand should broadcast its unique visual style.

Tone of voice

The voice of the brand, its mood and emotion that the consumer receives. Copywriters, HR, internal communications must not only understand the language of the brand, but also be able to communicate in it. The consumer loves brands with character and soul.


Analysis of the competitive environment

An important part of starting any business. Each enterprise operates in conditions of market competition. And to form a concept and strategy it is necessary to take into account the specifics of the product or service, to understand the external factors that directly or indirectly affect the development of the company, as well as key players that determine the competitive market.

Concept profile

Description of the idea of the concept, its criteria of uniqueness (restaurant theme, its type, name and slogan, service style, menu and design). Usually up to three variants of concepts are presented.


The process of developing a brand name for a company, product or service, the most important part of the company’s marketing strategy, an integral part of brand positioning.



Development of a unique brand style that distinguishes it from competitors and creates recognition among the target audience, in order to form long-term benefits for it.

Brand identity

Development of unique style elements that identify belonging to everything on which these elements are placed (goods, means of communication, communication messages) to a particular brand and distinguish it from competitors.


Support of brand activities, adhering to the corporate style, ideology and design of elements, according to the brand book. Closing all design tasks (posters, covers, printing layouts, packaging, digital advertising) of your brand in project activities or batch service.


Promotional videos

Shooting promo videos from a small institution to a large company in any format, for any media.

Image videos

Content for social networks, corporate movies and stories

Special projects

Video reports from events, video presentations, video lessons, corporate schools.

Motion video

Animated posters, video invitations, animated logos


Team selection, script development, style, casting


Composite photo

Implementation of an artistic idea for advertising use

Food photo

Content for social networks, advertising campaigns, books

Interior photos

Restaurants, hotels, sports complexes

3D tours

Integration of 3D photos on Google maps and sites



We create ideas that combine online and offline channels of the brand, because to solve marketing problems, brands need to break through to the eyes and ears of the consumer, remain in the memory and influence human behavior.

Today, authenticity, brightness and novelty are effective, generating the interest and attention of the audience, which are always monetized.


A trademark is a way to protect the unique name of your brand, product category or product. All the developments related to the development of the brand, its reputation and recognition are concentrated in its name. If you do business without a registered trademark, it can be used by your competitors knowingly or unknowingly, but for personal purposes.

You can use an unregistered name and logo instead of a trademark, but it has no legal weight. Eventually, you may have problems if you want to place your sign or advertisement on external media.

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