Flacon bar

Odesa, Ukraine

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Creating a beautiful cocktail is similar to how a skilled perfumer creates a composition of a new fragrance.

Traveling and being inspired, studying and trying – he is impressed by cultures, traditions, experiences. Using shades of fragrance, as well as their unexpected combinations, the perfumer seeks not just to fill the bottle. He tells a story that reveals feelings and experiences to everyone who encounters it. Perhaps completely new and unfamiliar emotions, perhaps subtle memories from the past.

And the bartender offers in the glass definitely not an alcoholic beverage – a story with an unpredictable plot. This plot, like perfume, unfolds in several stages.

First, the “top note” of the story. A note that is like an instant impulse: it evokes anticipation, awakens passion and inspires hope. It’s as if you find yourself in an unfamiliar place and take a breath of new, unusual air for the first time – what it will look like is yet to be known, but awe and interest have already enveloped your consciousness.

Next is the “heart note” – the brightest and most concentrated, it is she who hides the magic of the moment. Here and now emotions reach a peak, the taste is absolute in its diversity and you are face to face with your own palette of sensations.

After “bottom or base note” – this is a sweet trail of aftertaste, which remains a reminder of the pleasure.

At the Flacon Bar, guests can ask themselves what came first: aroma or taste?
What will be his guide to a new world of impressions? But the best solution is to just take a sip of the aroma and inhale the taste at the same time. Taste the story of the bottle to start the story of your evening.

Inhale the taste


Flacon – an unusual cocktail bar for evening leisure, based on the idea of ​​creating the concept of Flavor, which translated from English as both taste and aroma.

The term “flavor” exists because the human senses do not act separately: they function together, and taste is a component of the aroma, as the opposite is true. Rethinking the process of creating alcoholic beverages, there was a desire for an even more unexpected and strong side to discover the possibilities of bartending in the impact on human feelings, using flavoring techniques. Therefore, when creating a Flacon cocktail card, unique perfume technologies were used, which will inevitably surprise guests with a non-trivial experience. The acquaintance with the cocktail alone begins as an acquaintance with a new aroma: uncorking a bottle of drink, the guest literally inhales the taste and then decides on the choice. The bar itself has a real perfume and alcohol laboratory, where not only masters create, but every guest will be able to experience the magic of creating a cocktail composition.


Creative director: Demi Fomchenkoff
Designer: Artem Vasilenko
Copywriter: Victoria Lember
Interior: Pogrom Design
Photo: Kyrylo Baranovs’ky

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