Mykolayiv, Ukraine

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The taste of a good life!

What are the keyholes silent about and what secrets do the keys reveal?

It seems that since childhood we are looking for the house whose secrets we want to unravel and the key to which we would like to get. The house, which is able to realize dreams of a stunning life, is designed specifically to shine brightly and shine enthusiastic guests. There would be legends around him, and there would be a whole story inside and it would be good. We are looking for a magical place where we would like to be on the other side of the castle well and secretly allow others to spy … Spy on how bright the holiday is, how amazingly joyful you can dance, how appetizing you can treat yourself and how sweetly you can empty glasses.

Maison is the same special house that has a unique style and grace. Which seems to be created to pamper and give taste. Each room in it is not like the other, behind each door – as if a whole separate world. Earlier, his secrets were sealed behind seven locks, but now Maison eloquently admits that he has a great goal – to share happiness with others, because it only makes it bigger.

Entering the Maison, the guest will inevitably be tempted by the variety of rooms, corridors and options for events hidden behind each new turn. And this is not surprising: the owners know that the taste of the good life has many bright and amazing shades, and their hospitality traditions say: “in our house everyone will find a room to fall in love with, and for everyone we will find the key to the soul.”

But before you choose, you should get acquainted with each of the rooms and its special history:
The Dining Room
The Terrace
The Gardens
The Party Room

The basis for the Maison concept was the image of the house, because this is the word (Maison), chosen to denote the key idea and name of the restaurant, translated from French.

And what is a house? It would seem that only a neutral, functional space: walls, ceilings and floors. But why do you get bored with some houses, are you in a hurry to get around? And why are there other, special houses? These are literally fascinating at first sight – they want to watch life through the keyhole and guess the silhouettes flickering near the spacious windows; I want to catch snippets of words coming from the rooms flooded with light, and deep down I hope that someday you will receive an invitation to visit.

The hosts happily open the door and invite the wonderful guests to give everyone the cherished key, which can only mean one thing: “Welcome to Maison – the house where the delicious story of the good life begins!”


In the most beautiful house called Maison, which is made in the style of cozy chic and rises on the central avenue of the city, there are only those stories that you greedily want to spy on and part of which you want to become. Maison attracts everyone who wants to taste the good life, because this is the life that its owners love and do not want to hide it. They are friends of dreams; In love with life, they bring new ideas and views from travel; Favorites of fate, they know exactly what fashion will be like tomorrow, and willingly share their mood and beauty; Cheerful and light, they kindly ring glasses and invite everyone to visit – to their home.


Creative director: Demi Fomchenkoff
Designer: Stas Kusto
Web design: Nikita Grinchuk
Copywriter: Victoria Lember
Interior: Boom Project

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