lounge & beach

Odesa, Ukraine

Concept development. Interior and identity design. Development of USP taking into account the analysis of the competitors’ market.

Imagine a place that promises endless pleasure.
An exotic beach, which is like a dream of a summer vacation from advertisements and dreams, bringing them into reality. Where summer freedom and southern serenity reign, and all that is allowed to do there is to enjoy the sun, the sea and life.

The refreshing coolness of the coastal waves, the tinkle of ice in the glass and the golden tan are combined in this place with a special atmosphere of bliss and a relaxing lounge. Here, a smile never leaves your face as the air is saturated with salty happiness.

In the evening, when the sun is hiding behind the horizon, this beach lights up with hundreds of lights and it’s time to enjoy the hot rhythms of the night. Cheerful dancing, best friends, a sip of your favorite cocktail and an azure sunrise.

And there is such a beach: wrapped in the Black Sea waves, it lurks behind the rocky hills, woven of the rustle of leaves and seaside heat.

Its name is UNDERHILL, the place where that summer lives, which you want to enjoy every moment over and over again.

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