spicy & fancy

Odesa, Ukraine

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The history of cooking in the world dates back to ancient times, when man first began to procure food for himself. Since then, much has changed and cooking has become an art form, with renowned chefs producing their own books and recipes on how to make culinary masterpieces.

Spicy & fancy is a free and cheeky brand from chef Andrei Dromov, designed simply to teach how to cook deliciously using simple but selected products. It doesn’t aim to raise Michelin chefs in the hope that you’ll spend hours fluttering in the kitchen and fidgeting over plate decorations. It’s designed to make you enjoy both the process and the result.

Freeing recipes from complexity, Spicy & fancy has selected ingredients, spices, sauces and oils, so that preparation takes very little time, but you pleased your loved ones with invariably good dishes.

Confidence in the kitchen is the most important thing! It is what distinguishes good chefs, because the desire to experiment in flavors, cooking methods and temperatures, raises cooking to a new level. In order to gather the best spices and ingredients, Spicy & fancy makes use of Andrei Dromov’s many years of experience as a chef of various restaurants and simply a gastro-experimentalist. Thanks to this, even familiar dishes get new flavors and meanings


Spicy & fancy is a gastronomic project of casual and premium-casual format, aimed at gourmets who like to cook at home.
The peculiarity of the project is the exclusivity of spices and their mixtures, as well as sauces, oils and other groceries, developed by the chef and ideological inspirer – Andrey Dromov.
Friendly, high-quality service and openness to the guests, their varied desires and needs are professed here, and every guest is a friend with whom you want to spend time together, cooking the next great dish. After all, it is during cooking that people become real and happy, putting love into every spoonful – the way they dream to feel on a free weekend, when they are not burdened by problems and can just enjoy the moment.


Creative director: Demi Fomchenkoff
Designer: Anastasia Kusto
Copywriter: Olga Turchak
Web design: Stas Kusto

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