Sinner bar

Kyiv, Ukraine

Concept development. Identity design. Development of USP taking into account the analysis of the competitors’ market.

He marched, carried away by one sizzling passion – to live vividly and enjoy life. He yielded to temptation, exploring it, believing that the world was made for beauty and joy, and that the rest was only fleeting, fickle talk. He was driven by one goal: to dispel that sleepy boredom that possessed men, and in return, to feel the gentle thrill of pleasure.
Knowing no borders, he crossed continents and oceans, only to find the sensations yet unexplored and see a beautiful new sunset.

One day his search took him to a lovely Asian village. He stood admiring the harmonious symmetry when he noticed a stranger’s mesmerized, yet disappointingly envious gaze. Passing by, the stranger whispered to him in a slip: “you look so beautiful and free, as if you were a sinner!

At that moment, he realized that his observations and knowledge, his revelations and secrets, he had to tell others as well: and he began to take notes, signing each one “sinner.” He took possession of the idea of creating a place where it is ridiculous to be good, as ridiculous as it is to be bad. Where you can just be alive and beautiful, crossing the line but not falling into the pit.
Because temptation is beauty and bliss, where it has its own laws and charm.

Now that place is there.
The Sinner’s travels and memories can be guessed at in the details, his whispers can be heard in the corridors, and the very notes are all around.
The place is alluring and insatiable, like his character. Mysterious and extravagant, like his gaze. Eccentric and daring, like his thoughts. Named Sinner, as they once called him.

The concept of the bar is based on the idea of love for a vibrant, fulfilling life: one that seduces each of us; an integral part of which are pleasures and temptations. However, we know that in a sociocultural way, pleasure is often perceived as something forbidden, even shameful, and that the person who lives beautifully is labeled a sinner.

The story is about a character who calls himself the Sinner, and he travels around collecting stories in his diary about others like him -Sinners who come to the bar to satisfy their whims.

Whispers, half-shadows and glances.
Overflowing glasses, empty plates and loud-sweet beats.
Is life on the other side tempting? Then be tempted, because that’s what this story is about.

Wherever you are, wherever you go – dare.
And remember: if you sin – it is beautiful.
I know you, guests, because I am you.

“Excerpt from the Sinner’s Invitation Letter”
Year and date unknown


The name of the bar was formulated as Sinner, which means “Sinner” in English. This word is not just a collective concept, but also a separate image-character, which is designed to emphasize the values of the bar: a manifesto of joy, temptation, whimsy, openness to oneself and one’s innermost desires. He is a kind of shadow, silenced side of each of us.
Therefore, in Sinner guests are invited to cross the line and become sinners too. At least for one evening.

Creative director: Demi Fomchenkoff
Designer: Artem Vasilenko
Copywriter: Victoria Lember
Web-design: Stas Kusts & Nikita Grinchuk
Interior: Boom Project

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