cucina é vino

Kryvyi-Rih, Ukraine

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History is cyclical! The cycle of historical events always repeats the periods of birth, prosperity and decline of many civilizations, countries and cities. The Polle restaurant is inspired by history, traditions and time!
A whole era of the region began with the surname of one person, because it was Oleksandr Pol who started the development of slate, the deposit of which was known since Cossack times and was located near Kryvyi Rih.
Oleksandr Pol traveled through the mining regions of Italy, France, Switzerland, and Germany, attracting various industry specialists, thanks to which the ethnic composition of the city changed every year, changing its appearance as well.
Kryvyi Rih began to absorb the culture and traditions of European cities, enriching it with gastronomic experiments with products from local farms, as well as opening the wine map of Europe and the New World.

This is exactly what the Polle restaurant tells about Kryvyi Rih, about a place full of ambition, about traditions in a modern reading and about the modernity that comes from these traditions. A place out of time. A place about charisma and a special mood.

Here everything is leisurely, because the enjoyment of life does not tolerate haste, but exists only in the present moment. The very air in the restaurant is steeped in history, because the city received it from its founders, but bright notes of current reality with juicy interspersions transform the look of Polle every day. Therefore, the preferences of different countries are intertwined here, with a special Mediterranean charm and the possibilities of modern culinary trends, leaving a special respect for the local product.
Polle Restaurant – History of taste


Pole cucina e vino is a fine dining restaurant located in the center of Kryvyi Rih. The establishment is a restaurant of Mediterranean cuisine with an extensive wine list, a line of signature cocktails and a classic setting.
The specialty of the restaurant is friendly, high-quality service and openness to people: their various desires, needs and gastronomic whims.
Here, every guest is treated with special respect, because such guests do not want to forbid anything or say no. The guests here are real and happy – the kind they dream of feeling on vacation in their favorite country, when they are not burdened by problems and can just enjoy the moment. That is why the flavors of the Mediterranean dishes are interwoven in the menu, allowing the guest to plunge into new gastronomic journeys every time.


Creative director: Demi Fomchenkoff
Designer: Stas Kusto
Copywriter: Oleg Dikal
Web design: Nikita Grinchuk
Chef: Andriy Dromov
Interior: WOW project

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