vinyl & cocktail bar

Odesa, Ukraine

Development of an advertising campaign. Development concept. Design. Creating identities and illustrations. Development of UTO taking into account the analysis of the market of competitors.

Vinyl style is a real, lively and sincere emotion. The vinyl era is a culture of enjoying one’s freedom, at least for a while while the game revolves around the record. Vinyl coffee bar Nipper – a portal from ordinary to beautiful.

Here you can be anywhere, with anyone and anytime. Race to the endless America with Bob Dylan, look at the sky and say “What a wonderful world!” with Louis Armstrong or dance with The Beatles on a yellow submarine. Great and talented, mannered and fearless people come here to shake off boredom and routine.

It is known that it is customary to treat guests and keep them company. Over a cup of the best coffee, for example, it’s good to discuss the morning news with Nina Simone. In the evening, you can’t do without a dozen glasses with Mick Jagger.

Although, frankly, waiting for the evenings is not necessary. This is not about rules and prohibitions.

It’s about looseness, passion and pleasure.
About beauty, style and fun.

Going into Nipper, no one can know exactly where you will end up and who you will return to. But this is where everyone will be the best version of themselves: drunk with charm and bar, sober black doppio, fascinated by the power of vinyl and fascinated by life itself.


Funny fox terrier Nipper (Nipper) became widely known in the last century – since the early 1990s. He first appears in a painting whose plot is as follows:

The dog listens to the gramophone with attention and diligence, and nothing but the voice of his master Mark is recorded on the gramophone record. The creator is theatrical artist Francis Barro, Mark’s brother. Then the Victor Talking Machine Company, the world’s largest producer of vinyl records, liked the story and flew around the world.


Creative director: Dmitry Fomchenkoff
Designer: Stas Kusto
Illustrator: Alice Mnatsakanyan
Copywriter: Victoria Lember
Interior: Boom Project

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