Meat House
gastro bar

Odesa, Ukraine

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Traditions passing from father to son pass through the centuries, carefully preserving the secrets of the craft. One of these professions is the Butcher. As one of the oldest professions, with roots dating back to the domestication of cattle, butchers formed their first guild in England as early as 1272.

Since then, the Butcher has been considered honorable not only because of his faithful handling of meat, but also because he has kept the secrets of its proper preparation, knowing by heart the correct temperature and recipe for cooking a particular cut.

Studying the history of meat, we have discovered a whole world, cooking meat over open fire, so we have found the perfect place to share this with our guests, we gave it the name “Meat House”!

Everything here is infused with the heat of an open-fire kitchen, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

“Meat House” combines many facets of the possible, starting with the atmosphere, continuing with the quality of food and drinks, ending with service and hospitality.

Crossing the threshold of the “open fire kitchen” ignites the desire to feel, enjoy and be the center of this universe. Keeping the flame of lively interest in the eyes of each guest, setting the rhythm and spark for further visits, we exalt the meat culture in the masses.

Everyone chooses their own lifestyle. And what if being an avid meat lover is an element that can be mastered by literally anyone, but you have to find your “place of power.”

Properly cooked meat, can be the trigger to start a new era.

Become the creator of a story that begins its journey with “Meat House”.

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