IL Ricco boutique

Odesa, Ukraine

Development concept. Design. Creating identities and illustrations. Development of UTP taking into account the analysis of the market of competitors.

Traditions of quality

Il Ricco – translated from Italian means “Rich”, which according to the dictionary means “one that contains many valuable qualities”.
It is values ​​that have become the basis for the creation of the concept and identity of Il Ricco Boutique.

The peoples of the Mediterranean in their lives paid much attention to symbols and colors, passing their meaning from generation to generation. Thanks to this, the people of modern Italy and other countries have been able to preserve their identity and unique sense of “inner wealth”, which fills them at the level of the genetic code.

So what is the secret of “inner wealth” and constant happiness?

Probably in the sense of beauty and the ability to enjoy life “Here and now”. The fact is that family traditions, over time, become a benchmark for the quality of the whole country and a sign of pride for many generations. In order to seek happiness in the little things that nature itself gives us.

Natural paints of Mediterranean abundance are always filled with bright and contrasting shades:
Blue is the color of the sea, which symbolizes fertility, wealth and generosity, thanks to the many life forms that live in its depths, as well as the treasures hidden in it.
Orange – the color of citrus fruits and the sun, a symbol of wealth, success, happiness and longevity. Citrus trees are one of the most fertile trees and an ancient symbol of fertility.
The olive stone is a sign of “new life”, because, according to legend, the olive tree was the first to grow after the Flood and its branch became a message of peace.

In Il Ricco, life flows slowly, as in Italy itself, because the pleasure is not in a hurry, and exists only in the present moment. Unconditional happiness, multiplied by Italian charisma, reigns here. Therefore, any man who has ever been here will be able to shout “Mamma Mia!”, And he will be understood here, because this is the essence of the brand “Il Ricco”!


Il Ricco boutique is a narrowly specialized boutique clothing store in the premium and premium-casual segments.
The boutique specializes in men’s clothing multi-brand range, which forms a greater coverage of guests, as well as a variety of products.
Il Ricco boutique allows you to collect a holistic image of the customer, based on his preferences through the advice of a stylist in the store, as well as the possibility of choosing a wardrobe online in the online store.

The feature is caring, high-quality service and openness to people: their various desires, needs and whims. Here, each guest is an honorary, so polite service and high standards of Italian masters allow you to be flexible in the selection of the image and not to say “no”. After all, the guests here are open and happy – the kind they want to feel in real Italy, when they are not burdened by problems and you can just enjoy the moment.
The status of a multi-brand boutique is also expressed in the direction of marketing and building long-term prospects of relations with the guest through a bonus program, off-season sales, active representation in social networks.


Creative director: Demi Fomchenkoff
Designer: Artem Vasilenko
Copywriter: Oleg Dikal
Web design: Stas Kusto
Interior: Voronova Design

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