Waves community

Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

Development concept. Design. Creating identities and illustrations.

The character of Greek mythology was considered an invincible creature because from the severed head she grew two new ones.
Lerneian Hydra was one of the creatures that Echidna gave birth to from Typhon. She was raised by the goddess Hera herself.
Hydra had many heads, according to various versions of the myth 7, 9, 50 or even 100 necks with snake heads grew from one body.
The middle head of the creature was immortal, the others mortal. She settled in the swamps of Lerna under a plane tree near the source of Amimona. The hydra was so poisonous that one glance killed all living things around.

Hydra’s character has become a powerful image that inspires strength, invincibility and confidence, which is why we decided to give her a new look that breaks stereotypes. Now, the middle head has acquired a human likeness, in the form of a woman, so Hydra is no longer aggressive, the only thing she is ready to fight for – the attention she absorbs with each new wave.

Hydra unites people who are close in spirit, ideology and mood, they form the “waves community” – a community of people for whom music is a fundamental matter.

Hydra is a community of musicians, DJs and artists, free in their performances and creativity. It is for such a community that a unique merch has been developed that unites everyone in a single style


Hydra waves community is a series of electronic music events that combines the music community, art and festival direction.


Creative director: Dmytro Fomchenkoff
Designer: Stas Kusto
Illustrator: Anastasia Lutenko
Copywriter: Oleg Dikal
Web design: Nikita Grinchuk

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