espresso bar

Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine

Conceptualization, branding and communication development for an espresso bar

Ferro [iron] is one of the most common elements in the solar system, particularly on Earth. This metal has been known to mankind since antiquity, that is why it is called the metal of power of civilizations, it is used in medicine, science and construction.

Strength is the privilege of the brave! Since the times of Cossack settlements, this place has been associated with strength, which is literally absorbed into the genocode of the people living here, combining all the power of iron mined here and the unique spirit of the people.
We brew strong coffee for strong people.

Here you can be yourself to everyone, even if it’s your first time in an espresso bar. Openness and friendliness, sometimes it’s enough to have a great coffee just the way you like it!
A cup of Ferro coffee is filled with the energy of the special people who create it from the moment of roasting, to the moment of brewing. This is the very power that makes you continuously move forward and work hard for the result! Be strong and drink coffee!

The espresso bar’s identity is based on the bright orange color of iron ore in its natural, unprocessed state, as it is mined locally. Additional natural stone textures are chosen in black and white tones to maximize the iron against their background.
Ferro espresso bar is a format that combines the ergonomics of an urban coffee shop with the versatility of a bistro, because in addition to good coffee, the menu offers the best pizza and popular appetizers from renowned chef Andrei Dromov.


Ferro espresso bar is a casual coffee house/city cafe located in the center of Krivoy Rog. The facility is a multi-format concept that combines a modern coffee house, restaurant, pizzeria, pastry shop and pop-up bar.
The peculiarity of the coffee house is friendly-service, based on high-quality service and uniqueness of the product.
Here every guest is treated as a best friend, and it is not customary to say no to friends. Guests here are completely different, but here they are maximally open and happy. Here they spend their meetings, dates and just favorite moments, enjoying the noise of the coffee machine and the aromas of freshly roasted beans. In the evening, the cozy coffee house becomes a quiet bar, where music changes, the sound of shakers can be heard, and the air is saturated with the aromas of snacks, because strong people know the taste of life.
Ferro espresso bar is about a special place and special people: honest, brave and open to live!


Creative director: Demi Fomchenkoff
Designer: Stas Kusto
Copywriter: Olga Turchak
Web design: Jack Nosov
Interior:WOW project

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