by Foundation Coffee Roasters

Odesa, Ukraine

Design. Development of advertising campaigns. Creating identities and illustrations.

DRIP It! Is a monobrand of coffee rags from the coffee company Foundation Coffee Roasters. Feature of rags “DRIP It!” – this is a call to “brew it”, the package is designed for 7 units, so it will be enough for a week.

The week is spent in different emotions, each day is special and each day has its own unique taste. Every DRIP It! – supplemented by the name of the day of the week and intertwined with the reference to the growth of this variety and the farmer who made it. We remember the day of the week by taste and farm associations.

All varieties in the pack are different.
7 rags – 7 varieties.

Box Drip It! includes AR design – the first in Ukraine packaging with the use of augmented reality in the coffee industry. It will immerse you in the atmosphere of “Drip this week” and in 10 seconds you will see the whole week as bright and rich as your favorite coffee will make it for you.

Monday – Colombia Propus (filter; natural)
Tuesday – Ethiopia Furla Organica (filter; washed)
Wednesday – Kenya Nyeri Chinga (filter; washed)
Thursday – Guatemala La Cascada (filter; anaerobic)
Friday – Rwanda Gicumbi Nova Café Des Mamas (filter; natural)
Saturday – Papua New Guinea Grass Roots (filter; anaerobic)
Sunday – Ethiopia Amhara (filter; natural)

Degree of frying: light (filter)
Ingredients: 100% Arabica


“Drip it” – ready-made filter bags with ground coffee from the special line “High Five”, which can be brewed directly into the cup; ideal for travel. The week is spent in different emotions, each day is special, so we created our own unique taste for each day. Each rag is supplemented by the name of the day of the week: 7 days = 7 flavors. Choose your day to taste!

Environmental awareness is our new important value!
We have started to use materials that can be recycled or can decompose on their own. Gradually, we extend this experience to all production stages and therefore, the rag box is made from added recyclables and is ready for recycling.
And in order to reduce the use of cardboard in general, we have developed reusable rag bags that can be used in the home


Creative director: Dmytro Fomchenkoff
Designer: Alisa Mnatsakanyan
Motion design: Stas Kusto and Artem Vasylenkov
Copywriter: Oleg Dikal

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