Hunan steam

Madrid, Spain

Brand identity development for a Chinese restaurant in Madrid

The concept of Chi·La restaurant was inspired by the Chinese province Hunan, one of the most famous and diverse provinces in China, which is located in its southern part and is famous for its rich history, culture as well as cuisine.
Hunan cuisine combines traditional Chinese ingredients and cooking methods with new ideas and technology. The symbol of the Hunan region is hot pepper, which is used in most traditional dishes, and in combination with other spices it creates a uniquely spicy and tangy taste

Chi·La is a place that is a guide to the gastronomic world of Hunan cuisine, based on recipes and cooking methods that have been passed down from generation to generation. By using fresh produce and quality ingredients imported from China, each dish gets high quality and authentic taste. Everything here is unhurried, because the enjoyment of life does not tolerate haste, but exists only in the moment of the present.

Here reigns unconditional happiness, multiplied by gastronomic pleasures, seasoned with the spice of hot pepper. All to find yourself for a fraction of a second among the incredible mountains and noisy waterfalls of Hunan, tasting this region for yourself.
The Chi·La gastronomic experience is always about taste and traditions!


Chi-La restaurants are ethnic restaurants specializing in ethnic cuisine of China, Hunan region. In terms of service they can be attributed to the “Quick and casual” format, offering a relaxed atmosphere, modern interior and reasonably priced dishes with fairly fast and courteous service. Restaurants of this format work on their own half-finished products of a high degree of readiness and making their own pastries and thanks to that provide their guests with constant quality and speed of service.
The peculiarity of the concept is friendly and high quality service and openness to people: their diverse desires, needs and sometimes unusual whims.
Here every guest is a friend, you do not want to forbid anything or say no. After all, the guests here are real and happy – the kind one dreams of feeling on vacation in Hunan province, enjoying tradition and taste, when they are not burdened by problems and can just enjoy the moment.


Creative director: Demi Fomchenkoff
Designer: Stas Kusto
Copywriter: Olga Turchak
Web design: Jack Nosov
Сonsulting: Guillermo Bao
Interior: Tang

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