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Development concept. Design. Creating identities and illustrations.

Process. The main stages of brand creation, from idea to implementation


It is important to gather as much information as possible about the customer's future company. The brief is the main document. It contains questions about the company's activities, product, customer wishes and specific design tasks. The more information, the clearer the image of the brand, its audience and product.


We consider the brand in two directions - direct competitors and indirect. The first will give a more detailed picture of the activity, product and target audience, the second will tell about the trends, directions and trends of the market of the selected segment.


The stage of reproduction of draft versions of logos under the selected team concept. To fully reflect the concept, reference elements of the brand, draft logo and description of the concept are collected in a single presentation. Based on this presentation, the customer chooses one of the options


After agreeing on the concept, we begin a detailed elaboration of the brand. We develop a manual on the use of the logo, color map of the project, branded fonts, illustrations and patterns.


We develop a set of visual components of the brand, which are designed to increase its visibility, prestige and shape the brand image in the eyes of consumers. We approve the media needed for the project and create an album of branded items.


Demonstration of the complete project to the customer and his team. Disclosure of features of the concept, elements of identity and character of the brand.


Adhering to the corporate style, ideology and design of elements, according to the brand book, we embody all the following design tasks (posters, covers, layouts, packaging, digital advertising) of your brand in the future. We care about your brand and are open to monitoring and adjusting the direction of movement in the process. Ready to change the result and help implement the strategy.

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