Kyiv, Ukraine

Concept development. Design. Creation of identity and illustrations. Development of USP taking into account competitor market analysis.

The warm wind tickles your tanned skin, the feet are slightly burned by the hot sand from the sun, and the ocean waves are whispering their declarations of love to you. You have to agree, this is how we paint the picture of an ideal vacation on the ocean coast. That’s exactly how Biarritz restaurant was created!
The space, filled with the flavors of the cuisine of the southern regions of France, Spain and Portugal, is reminiscent of the cozy cafes on the waterfront. Life is celebrated here and this means that the plates are always full and the glasses sparkle, filled to the brim with wine. Time passes here in its own rhythm, and thoughts mingle with the sweet beats of light music, intoxicating and soothing at the same time.
There are no strangers here, which means that everyone who comes here becomes a welcome guest of Biarritz restaurant

The iconography is based on tropical motifs, filled with engraved illustrations of vegetation and animals. The patterns used form a coherent image, and dictate style and sophistication on the elements of the identity, thanks to a technique that is popular in porcelain, fabric and wallpaper prints.

The Manchester Signature Classy font conveys the lightness and nostalgia of the brand, sending us back to a distant memory, when postcards were signed by hand and mailed, and therefore were so valuable.

The colors of the iconography support the interior, uniting all the elements into a coherent brand and conveying the feeling of the city, its old brickwork, green trees and soft blue shades of the ocean.


Biarritz restaurant belongs to the fast fine dining format. This trend is actively gaining momentum due to the fact that the love for creative food is growing every day, while the popularity of expensive restaurants is falling, forcing them to look for new directions in the gastronomic business.
The restaurant is between fast casual and fine dining, providing quick service. The fundamental difference is in the ingredients used and creativity. This trend does not suffer from the “pains” of fine dining, such as long service and high prices, and unlike casual dining, the restaurant offers high quality service and original, conceptual cuisine.
Biarritz restaurant is a sophisticated restaurant, but with a fast service speed.


Creative director: Demi Fomchenkoff
Designer: Stas Kusto
Copywriter: Marharyta Yahodkina
Web design: Nikita Grinchuk

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