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He loved to live brightly, without shame or regret, but only for his own pleasure, so he fell in love every week and, as always, for life …

Benny’s story is like a novel with many chapters, each named after his new love.

Marie, Roxy, Julia, Olga – this is not a complete list of names in his notebook, but each of them has its own unique story and characteristic charm, which so subtly describes the moment of acquaintance. However, it is known that “love comes and goes”, so the pages of Lovelace’s notebook are filled with new names.

His stories are romantic and full of mysteries, and his every acquaintance is a breath of fresh air on gray days, because this whole list is not for quantity, but for pure love!

I hadn’t asked since that morning, so I decided to take a break for breakfast. How sorry I was when it turned out that there was not a single free table in my favorite cafe.
Desperate, I decided to leave, but a woman’s voice called to me.
I turned and saw her.
The girl with absolute taste and a stunning smile removed today’s newspaper, and then kindly offered to join her for breakfast.
Her name was Laura. She worked as an editor of a well-known magazine and flew here a few days ago from Paris.
That morning we talked to her for a few hours, and then that evening we decided to continue for dinner.

Meeting a new hobby each time, Benny seems to flirt with anyone who comes into his field of vision. After all, life will seem boring, without a love of brightness, fullness and flirtation, without something that inspires each of us and becomes part of the inner self.

Everything here is imbued with Benny’s energy, his interests and memories can be guessed in detail, his laughter can be heard in the lobby, and hand-drawn drawings around him, which he drew in his notebook.


Benny food & bar is a casual gastronomic bar located in central London. The restaurant combines a day gastronomic cafe with a large menu of breakfasts, snacks and coffee drinks, with a showcase of ready snacks and dishes for those who want to take products “to go”, as well as a cocktail bar with evening menu and original cocktail menu.


Creative director: Dmytro Fomchenkoff
Designer: Stas Kusto
Illustrator: Stas Kusto, Marichka Kutsenko
Copywriter: Alexandra Striltsova
Marketer: Maxim Sharkov
Web design: Nikita Grinchuk
Interior: Boom Project

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