Bella vermuteria

Odesa, Ukraine

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Beauty is lightness.
When without special occasions, but with a special mood, she decides what a holiday to be. In his hands is a glass on a thin leg. From the first sip, thoughts become as weightless as sugar air.
Because beauty is a tart pleasure.
The charm of the absurdity of the moment and its simultaneous importance. When her cheeks are already slightly pink from wine conversations with strangers, and the warm wind becomes more spicy and blows shades of herbs and flowers.
The division of the dress is rounded by nutmeg sage, then the hair is torn lemon wormwood and rosemary.
But a torn rush of iris, daisies and carnations carelessly dropped the napkin from the table as she picked up her Bianco for a triumph of carefree joy.

Talking about her travels in the Mediterranean with a charming Italian accent, she always ordered vermouth and repeated aloud: “La vita è bella!”
That’s why we named her Bella as a symbol of the beauty of life.

And here, at Bella Vermuteria, she will invisibly meet the guest in everything.
In a graceful gesture and strong kisses when meeting favorite friends.
In spontaneous dances and taste in a glass.
In laughter or a momentary melancholy of parting, in inspiration or indifference.

In everything that makes us fall in love with the beauty of life.
Because beauty is Bella.

In love with a good life!


The concept of the Bella aperitif bar was based on the current format of vermouth, and the key idea was to “give the ease of life and emphasize its beauty.”

Therefore, the atmosphere in Bella is relaxed and charming, so that every guest can celebrate life: to be in a place where worries become less significant and everything acquires a special meaningless meaning.

Unobtrusive and friendly service will also provide guests with the opportunity to relax and not burden themselves with unnecessary thoughts.
But at Bella Vermuteria, the staff are more than just people who are always ready to help you make your choice and make your stay comfortable. Each member of the team turns into the same casual interlocutor, who with a careless phrase, compliment or inadvertently told a joke can set the right tone.

The concept of the kitchen also contributes to the airy sensations of the guests.
Mediterranean orientation menu including breakfasts and main dishes. But the main destination is snacks and bruschetta bar.

The carefree condition of the guests is due to the bar line, within which the greatest attention is paid to vermouth. Starting from well-known tastes, the breadth of the range is also provided by vermouths of own production and the rarest types of wine drink from producers from around the world.


Creative director: Dmytro Fomchenkoff
Designer: Artem Vasilenko
Copywriter: Victoria Member

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