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Côte d’Azur

Nice, France

Developing the concept, branding and visual communication of the brand

Amnesie is a young and pretentious jewelry brand inspired by the vibe of the Côte d’Azur of France. Each jewelry collection is designed to suit different moods and images of women, from the delicately romantic to the unconventional and creative, ready to experiment. It is this diversity that creates the vision and development of the brand in accordance with global jewelry trends, allowing to experiment with the assortment, providing premium service.

Amnesie is a conscious loss of memory for the path to the new

The brand’s identity is designed in neutral, minimalistic tones to focus attention on the jewelry.
The logo is based on a font pairing of the classic fashion fonts Vogue Highline Serif and Artegra Sans, emphasizing the sphere of belonging.

Each collection has its own title, like volumes of books, so that the story of Amnesie is united by a single storyline, and its collections convey the mood and idea of the collection

Amnesie was created in 2023 thanks to the desire of two co-founders from Ukraine, Suzanne and Anna.

Suzanne has been working and developing in the world of jewelry and jewelry throughout her life and is part of the large and well-known in Ukraine company Zarina.

Anna recently left the ranks of teh with web and software development, where she was for many years the founder and head of PR & communications.
Thus, a harmonious duo of two personalities with different fundamentally important professional and personal strengths, skills, abilities and experience was created, combining them into one project.
This is how Amnesie was born, making us thankfully leave behind all the things that it is time to forget about and go forward without turning around.
A conscious loss of memory for the journey into the new.
Thanks to this experience of two strong, ambitious, brave and at the same time gentle women, the brand combines jewelry, communication, PR, sales and business knowledge and experience, complementing and reinforcing each other in purpose, without fear to go into the unknown future of a new brand, which is built on the foundation of a thrillingly unexplored France


Amnesie is a unique space where jewelry, modern art, decor and antiques are sold.
Interaction with the audience and guests takes place in the format of personal communication at the level of standards of jewelry brands in the luxury segment. The brand integrates the standards of hospitality and service to which they are accustomed in Ukraine, bringing to the French business what it lacks.


Creative director: Demi Fomchenkoff
Designer: Stas Kusto
Copywriter: Olga Shenderovska
Web design: Jack Nosov

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